Our caring and professional team has worked together for many years, so they are able to provide patients at Artistic Dental Centre with the most efficient services possible. You will feel comfortable in the hands of our dental professionals as we answer all your questions and ensure your dental care in South Holland, Illinois, is as suitable as possible. If you have questions about our team or would like to meet with our experienced dentist, Dr. Nse Ekpenyong, please contact us today.


Office Manager

Claudia has been an integral part of our team since May 2017, showcasing her multifaceted skill set and dedication to customer care through her background in Moraine Valley Community College and Yossi’s School for Cosmetology.

At Artistic Dental Centre, she prioritizes patient well-being and fosters a philosophy of work-life balance, valuing transparent and authentic patient care. With a strong focus on seamless practice operations and a profound understanding of insurance and accounts, Claudia thrives as our Office Manager, emphasizing the importance of teamwork in our cohesive and supportive environment.

Outside of work, Claudia cherishes moments with her family, sharing a strong bond with her husband since 2007. Together, they enjoy indulging their daughter’s love for makeup and nurturing their son’s passion for Halloween and art. They savor evenings spent watching movies, exploring diverse cuisines, and creating lasting memories through shared culinary experiences.


Registered Dental Hygienist

Meet Tammy, one of our accomplished Registered Dental Hygienists, whose journey with our practice began in 2017. Tammy’s extensive academic background includes graduating from the Kennedy-King College/The University of Illinois at Chicago Dental Hygiene Program in 2002, followed by the attainment of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Healthcare Management in 2009. With over two decades of dedicated service, Tammy embodies a profound commitment to fostering enduring patient relationships and collaborating within a nurturing team environment.

Tammy deeply values the significance of preventative care in maintaining overall health, emphasizing the pivotal role of oral health in this process. Under the guidance of our ethical and knowledgeable dentist, Dr. Nse, she continually updates her skills through advanced training and education, staying level with the latest dental technology and treatment methodologies.

Beyond her professional commitments, Tammy finds solace in quality time spent with her son and husband. She rejuvenates through travel and occasional self-care activities, all while nurturing her love for reading, date nights, and staff outings. With over two decades devoted to providing exemplary patient care, Tammy remains dedicated to ensuring her patients feel heard, comfortable, and valued, all while leaving the dental chair with a renewed, smooth, and clean smile.


Registered Dental Hygienist

Jeanine has been an integral member of our practice since 2006, starting her journey alongside the previous, now retired, owner and continuing her dedicated service with us when Dr. Nse took over in 2016. Graduating from the Prairie State College dental hygiene program with the honor of serving as the treasurer, Jeanine’s passion for patient care and education shines through in her exceptional rapport with her patients, some of whom she has been seeing since the beginning of her career.

Thriving on educating patients about the significance of oral health, Jeanine approaches each appointment with a dedication to imparting knowledge and fostering a supportive environment. Renowned for her efficiency and ability to work under pressure, she ensures that each patient receives the care and attention they deserve. With her empathetic approach, she has become a trusted confidant for many patients, earning accolades for being a listener akin to a therapist.

Outside the office, Jeanine cherishes the bonds shared with her loving husband, with whom she has shared a beautiful journey since 2007. Together, they take pride in nurturing their two vibrant children, actively supporting their daughter’s endeavors in travel softball and track, as well as their son’s engagements in soccer, basketball, and baseball. They relish family time through sports events, camping adventures, and the joy of planning their next memorable vacation.


Lead Dental Assistant

Robyn graduated from Kaplan University with her associates degree in dental assisting in August 2012 and joined our dental family in July 2021. Her 11 years of dental experience allows her to provide many perspectives which contribute to positive results for both our patients and our team, and she enjoys helping patients overcome their dental phobias to achieve confidence with their dental health and smile. She loves working with her team and appreciates the family-oriented team unity of our practice.

Robyn and her husband, Ryan, have three wonderful children. She is very active within her church community and is the dance team ministry leader. She also loves to travel and experience different cultures and foods.


Dental Assistant

Taylor, one of our esteemed Dental Assistants, has been an invaluable member of our practice since April 2023. Having earned her certification from the prestigious Springboard Institute, where she graduated as the Valedictorian in 2014, Taylor brings a wealth of expertise and a passion for patient care to our team. She finds immense fulfillment in utilizing state-of-the-art technology, interacting with patients, and ensuring they fully comprehend the procedures they undergo.

Known for her friendly demeanor, reassuring presence, and a touch of humor, Taylor’s approach helps patients relax and feel genuinely cared for during their dental experience. Beyond her commitment to dentistry, she cherishes moments spent with her daughter, family, and friends, emphasizing the importance of work-life balance.